Aussie Metal Clay

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Ana Maria T

Great clays. Very versatile and great choice for all requirements and purposes.
Beautiful to work with, nice consistency, good working time without drying, takes textures beautifully, carves well, good colours and much more. You have to try them to see how good they are.

Sharon R. Schaefer

Loving Aussie Gold Sculpting clay. I can really carve & sand my designs with this clay. Fires beautiful. Takes patina so well. Love ‼️

Bonnie Toney

I really enjoy working with Aussie Metal Clay. I’ve used several colours of bronze in Premium and Superflex, and they’re a pleasure to work with. I very much appreciate the ability to mix my own from powder; the fresh clay is absolutely amazing to work with. The flexibility and workability are unmatched in my experience.

Donna Cicotte

…this clay, for me, is a dream to work with. Not only does it smell great (!), but it’s super forgiving, allowing me to make as many mistakes as I do, but still be able to start over and/or repair as I go. I don’t feel like it’s fragile or like I have to hurry or that I have to be perfect. I find Aussie Metal Clays to be more stable and more flexible in the greenware stage, which means cleanup before firing is a dream. And once fired, the results are spectacular. I love this clay and won’t use anything else

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