AMC Teachers

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Kim Booklass

Senior head Teacher

Specialty: Artist & Sculptor, Teacher, Creator & Innovator of Clays
and Clay Products
Location: Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
Certification: Level 1, 2, 3, Master
Contact: +61 (0)417 068 519
YouTube: Kim Booklass

Biography: Living in Australia, I find inspiration from all aspects in life. From a young age I have immersed myself in all forms of art craftsmanship and technique. One of my earliest memories was teaching children how to make daisy flower necklaces in my backyard.

I had been sculpting and working in molten metal casting for many years, but when I found Metal Clay a whole new world opened its doors to me. As one of the top designers in Australia, I have had the pleasure of being a pioneer in designing unique pieces.

I have found a way to merge my love of sculpting and jewelry with the use of metal clay. I believe sculptures should be worn rather than sitting on a shelf. I do hope you enjoy all of the unique pieces I have created which include wearable/multi use jewelry and sculptures out of my preferred clay, Aussie Metal Clays.

I would welcome and enjoy the opportunity to share my passion of design and many years of experience I have working with these amazing clays, to assist you in growing your skills.

As a teacher I can show you the easiest way to get from the start of a project to the finished design. I have worked out many shortcuts, hints and tips to help you learn the skills without having to make the errors along the way. I will nurture your artistic talent and guide you to another level in your art. I teach in a light hearted, fun way. With each of us learning from each other along side likeminded people.

Robyn Waldon (Heritage) - Currently Inactive

Certification: Level 1

Specialty: Artist & Teacher, Currently Inactive                              Location: Perth, WA, Australia
Level 1,

BiographyArt and design have always been in my life. I started learning traditional silver smithing when I was about 16.  Polymer clay art quickly followed and added the need for colour that I was looking for.

I found metal clay in about 2004 and slowly learned the art of silver precious metal clay in between all the other things that go on with life.

Aussie Metal Clay has come into my life with a bang. I love all the types of clay and colours that can be achieved with Aussie Metal Clay.

My absolute favorite is sculpting adjustable rings with insects, animals and flowers. I am also a big believer in using art, in this case Aussie Metal Clay jewellery, to assist people struggling with mental illness, by using the right side of your brain. Being part of a group and achieving to make your own beautiful pieces of jewellery and of course having a good laugh on the way...

Jade Reed

Artist & Teacher Level 1

Specialty: Artist &  Teacher
Location: Mount Magnet, Western Australia
Certification: Teacher Level 1
Contact: +61 (0)417 068 519
Facebook : Desertdesignsart
Instagram: Desertdesignsart

Biography:  I live in the harsh, arid environment of Western Australia, where the desert is delicious, especially after a rain,  This is where I get most of my inspiration.  Animal tracks in the desert sands, in the early morning, can conjure up creative thoughts and designs.   I walk with my 2 dogs most mornings and look to nature for ideas, and the reason why I chose Desert Designs Art as a business name.

For more than 30 years, I have been creating, using different mediums including fabrics, pottery, ceramics, acrylic painting, water colour and pastels.  For the last 24 years I have lived with my partner, in very small towns in Western Australia, where there is not a lot of access to classes or groups, unless you are willing to travel hundreds of kilometres.

In 2014 the art centre in Mount Magnet had a visiting artist who ran polymer workshops.  I loved it and I started making jewellery. In 2017 I took my first metal clay course and I was hooked.  The possibilities were huge, but also very limiting!  I was only able to use metal clay for about 3 maybe 4 months of the year as our temperatures are over 40C often up to 45+ for weeks on end.  My metal clay would dry and crack, meaning I had to work fast.  There was no time to play, explore and be creative along with a major process to rehydrate.  Then… I found AMC (Aussie Metal Clay) and that changed my world!!!!! Quite literally, I can now make jewellery any time of the year and indulge in the process of creating. I achieved my level 1 certification in 2021 and my teachers accreditation in AMC in 2022.

I offer vibrant fun classes to groups of 1 -12 people, either in Mount Magnet or I can come to you, classes can be an afternoon workshop or a full weekend of fun laughter and creating with a group of friends. I supply everything you will need to create your own gorgeous design with me leading you through every step of the process.  I only offer in person classes I prefer to teach face to face so my classes are limited to Western Australia.  If you would like to host a class or come to me reach out by email or social media @desertdesignsart or ring and leave a message 0429200776

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Martha Schmidt

Certification: Level 1

Specialty: Artist & Teacher
Location: Bavaria, Germany
Certification: Level 1,

Biography: Growing up, I loved to try my hand at all kinds of creative endeavours, especially painting, sewing and a bit of sculpting. As I got older and attended med school, art was put on the back burner more and more until I realised, in 2016, that I couldn’t carry on without creative work and made a big life change to accomodate my new priorities. Somehow, it was jewellery making that suddenly held a special appeal to me.

I’ve been working with metal clay since mid 2016 and found Aussie Metal Clay through the work of Kim Booklass that popped up in a Facebook group one day. I decided to give this brand of clay a try, and it quickly became my prime choice for both base metal and silver clay.

I do not have a formal degree in jewellery making or metalsmithing and have learned a lot of techniques on my own, by watching online tutorials, and by trying out various techniques and practicing a lot.  I have also taken Skype classes for special techniques with Kim Booklass and attended masterclasses with renowned artists. I am constantly learning and eager to try new techniques.  My current experiments have led me to traditional metalsmithing techniques and wax carving/casting and I enjoy testing the advantages and drawbacks of various media.

At the moment I do not teach classes, as I feel I need to further enhance my skills and develop my own style. I’d love to do classes in the future, though.

United Kingdom

Ana Townsend

Certification: Level 2

Specialty: Artist & Teacher
Location: Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, United kingdom
Certification: Level 1,
Contact: +44 (0) 7784 893 209

Biography: After a career in Accountancy and Finance, I have finally realised my dream of having my own Arts and Craft studio. Since childhood I was fascinated with the world of Arts and Crafts and very eager to learn about the many aspects of the subject.

In 2006 I completed Silver Smith Diploma level 2. While completing my Silver Smith Diploma, I was introduced to Silver and other metal clays. After a few classes with various talented and inspirational tutors in metal clays I knew that this was the career I wanted to pursue.

In 2010 I completed my certifications as a senior Silver and Copper Clay instructor. Since then I have been teaching at my Studio and other venues at all levels. Introduction to Silver and other metal clays at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Following my qualifications I have attended many Master Classes with some of the best National and International Instructors using various brands of clay. I have acquired many other skills using related materials such as gold clay, enamels and resins.

Aussie Metal Clays came to my attention in 2016 when, by accident, I found the magnificent work of Kim Booklass. After we exchanged a few messages, I ordered some packets of clay and I was soon addicted to their soft textures and beautiful colours. After a couple of great Skype classes and online tutorials with Kim, I learned how to work with Aussie Clays Base metals and Silvers.

I have completed my level 1 Teachers certificate and I am working on my level 2. I work and teach at my Studio in West Yorkshire (near Leeds) UK. If you would like a “Hands On” class with Aussie Metal Clays and work on level 1 pieces please contact me.1

United States of America

Susan Tobelman

Certification: Level 1

Specialty: Artist & Teacher – Silver
Location:Charlotte, NC USA
Certification: Level 1,


My name is Susan Tobelman. I am a certified metal clay teacher and lead artisan at Energy & Ore Custom Jewelry.

I have been creating metal clay jewelry in the Charlotte, NC area since 2017. I specialize in offering unique and personalized jewelry to my clients. I hold a  Level 1 Certification in PMC Clay from Sawtooth School of Visual Arts and a Level 1 Teaching Certification from Aussie Metal Clay. I am currently teaching jewelry making classes using Aussie Metal Clay as my medium. Being a retired school teacher, corporate trainer, and organizing coach, I find the transition into teaching individuals and groups the fundamentals of metal clay natural and fulfilling.  My passion is to create jewelry that resonates with my clients on an emotional level and brings them joy.

So, how did I get started on this wonderful journey with metal clay? I have alway been facinated with metalsmithing, but when I first started making jewelry in 2014, I was beginning to suffer from arthritis in my hands. I knew that working with sheet metal was not going to be an option for me. My desire to be able to design in silver led me to discovering metal clay. I started by taking a class and I was hooked! I could create so many different designs without the use of heavy, expensive machinery and minimal arthritic pain. It was like magic to me.

My jewerly is created with Aussie Metal Clay .999 Fine Silver and .960 Sterling Silver. These clays are a dream to work with, providing long bench time, excellent texture acceptance, and a beautiful finished product.

Ann Adkins

Certification: Level 1

Specialty: Artist & Teacher – Silver
Location: Opelousas, LA, USA
Certification: Level 1,
Contact: DM on Facebook – Ann Adkins
Instagram:  @annsadornments 
Web:  Ann’s Adornments


Ann was born and always returned to her roots in Southwest Louisiana, with its French influences in cooking and art. Her faith in God and love of her family are the cornerstones of her personal life. Professionally, she has been a nurse practitioner for 26 years and recently achieved her Doctorate of Nursing Practice (because you are never too old to learn). She has been a metalsmith for 10 years and started working with metal clay in 2019. In the spring of 2020, with the lockdown in place, Ann began to spend more time on social media and joined various metal clay groups. She noticed the gorgeous work of Kim Booklass and was introduced to Aussie Metal Clay and Kim’s wonderful techniques, classes and videos. “Once I tried Aussie Metal Clay, the difference in the texture, the flexibility and the working time was so much better when compared to the other brands I used. I simply no longer purchase any other brands.”

Ann also enjoys the support from Kim Booklass and Ros Bailey, who make themselves available to help artists throughout each day. “I have made so many FB friends in the metal clay artist community and learned so much from them. I am constantly inspired, and the clay, along with my faith, has been a much needed solace for me this past year. Thank you to the AMC community for every like, post, encouraging word and inspiring creation that you have shared. I have so much more to learn- I’m just getting started! You can find Ann’s Cricut tutorial on the Aussie Metal Clay website, with more to come.


Susan Brooks

Certification: Level 1

Specialty: Artist & Teacher – Silver & Base Metal
Location: Hendersonville, NC USA
Certification: Level 1,
Contact: FB – Susan Brooks 
Facebook:   Susan’s Earthly Treasures
Etsy:  Susan’s Art Jewelry


I was first introduced to metal clay years ago while attending a bead show and one of the artists was doing a demo with silver metal clay. She offered a short class (I think 30 minutes) to make a little toggle – and I signed up immediately. It was such an amazing experience that I wanted to know more from that very day. It took a few years, however, before I found another source for learning about this amazing medium. When I retired, I took a 3 day class and was hooked even more. By this time, I had the time to invest in becoming certified, so I was originally certified in all 3 levels of the PMC silver clay (2011) … which is all that I knew was available at the time.

It wasn’t until the pandemic that I learned about Aussie Metal Clay from Facebook, and took some of Kim’s classes online. What an inspiration that has been for me. I absolutely LOVE these clays. They are so pliable to work with, have amazingly beautiful colors, and fire reliably (once you get the testing done for your kiln). Learning to do the testing has been an invaluable skill for me. IT has made so much difference in my work. And the Aussie Metal Clay community is so very supportive, inspirational, and knowledgable. They are constantly making improvements in their products and coming up with innovative ideas and resources… and always available to help with questions. I love teaching and sharing with others. I taught adults on a community college level early in my career, so have had some general experience there. And now, to be able to share my passion for working with metal clay with adults and some children has seemed like a natural next step and has become a very satisfying part of my life.

Kathy Klein

Certification: Level 1

Specialty: Artist & Teacher
Location: Escondido, CA USA
Certification: Level 1,
Contact: +1 (0) 714-394-8289

Biography: Born in Los Angeles in 1958, I spent my early years in the Midwest and East coast before arriving back in Los Angeles in 1979. Although my father had a love of Pablo Picasso I had no childhood education in the arts.

At 32 I was drawn to sculpture as a medium, and attended night classes for three semesters at Cal State Northridge and was taught by acclaimed artists. During this time I also took a figurative drawing class in Venice, CA. I used art as a form of self-expression, but, regrettably I stowed my creative and artistic nature away for the next 20 years.

Blessed to receive a gifted DSLR camera, in 2011, I began to shoot photographs. I started to draw on the raw honesty of the natural and spiritual world and I realized quickly that I liked to mix medias. By combining media in layers I was able to achieve my vision for storytelling in each piece. I also became interested in printmaking the same year, participating in workshops with masters.

I continue to explore printmaking as an individual medium, as well as combining photographs, drawings, and writing with Monotype. I will also mix media even further by applying encaustic wax over the prints and add sculptural elements to the surface.

Over the last 7 years I have been privileged to exhibit in various gallery exhibitions nationwide and have received numerous awards in printmaking, photography, painting, and mixed media.

In 2014 I suffered multiple health issues that resulted in major surgeries. I knew I needed to find another medium which I could do easily, that would still allow me a way to continue artistic and creative expression. This is where my interest in metal clay jewelry making and fused glass work has come from.

In 2018 I became a certified Aussie Metal clay teacher and currently enjoy a robust following of clientele for my jewelry page, Inspiration of the Soul, on Facebook.

Cindy Eckols

Certification: Level 1

Specialty: Artist & Teacher
Location: Clute, Texas, USA
Certification: Level 1,
Contact: 979 417 6749

Biography:  In my earlier years, I was a Middle School English teacher.  Teaching was my first passion. I loved seeing growth in my students.  I even extended my education on the subject with a Masters in Educational Leadership. 

My other passion has been rocks and gemstones.  Even as a child, I collected rocks. That collecting lead to jewelry designing.  After days filled with Middle Schoolers, my evenings were spent around a table making earrings and necklaces.  Over time, my body started failing and I soon had to give up my time in the school system.  I have battled a connective tissue disease for many years, and it had finally won.

I believe that our Lord opens doors when he needs to shut one, and my jewelry design was that door.  I started designing more and learning more and more new skills.  After taking a class on Soldering, I began working more with metals.  Then I took a class in Silver Metal Clay because I was looking for more texture and more 3D design.  I loved it.  After several years of battling my health, once again I was looking for a change in my design and I found Kim Booklass on YouTube using Aussie Metal Clay.  Metal Clay comes in colors!  I contacted Kim and Aussie Clay and started this wonderful journey.  Kim and Ros taught me the science behind metal clay and its wonderful properties. I learned about the kiln process and how it works to turn powdered clay into a solid sheet of silver, bronze or copper. Learning the science behind the process, helps me be a better designer and teacher.

With my first passion being teaching and my second being jewelry design, it makes sense to combine the two.  Over time, I have taught jewelry classes and kumihimo braiding classes at a local bead shop.  I have assisted new metal clay lovers in learning the kiln process through means of Skype and in person. I even own my own metal clay supply store on Etsy, Aves Design.  I have been Certified Level 1 as an Aussie Clay Teacher.  I would love to teach each of you about this wonderful clay and how it can expand your design abilities.  I can teach through Skype for those of you not local.  And for local students, I have a nice classroom setting available to book for larger groups (Flock of Five Art and Gifts Emporium in Sulphur, LA).  I also will hold classes at this venue on a regular basis. I work with all of the Aussie Clays, Argentium, 999 Silver, 960 Silver, Bronze Clays and Copper Clays, so please reach out by my email.  

Barbara Reeves - Currently Inactive

Certification: Level 1

Specialty: Artist & Teacher – CURRENTLY INACTIVE
LocationCarrollton, TX (Dallas Ft Worth area) USA
Certification: Level 1,
Contact: +1 (0) 214-542-4009

Biography: In 2005 my supervisor realized that I liked to work with my hands since I knitted and was creative. She recognized I loved jewelry and suggested I make beaded jewelry and to go to the Gem and Jewelry show, which I did. That started my path.

I soon found that I wanted pendants specific to my beading. I knew I didn’t want to do metalsmithing since I didn’t have the space for the equipment. In researching, I found metal clay and took several classes. By 2009 I started on the path to certification in (another clay brand), acquiring Levels 1, 2 and 3. I was accepted into (another clay brand) Teachers program and after several months I dropped out due to not being able to devote the time necessary to do the assignments with deadlines. I have to work full time as I’m single and the only provider.

In 2017 I started working for a franchisee/owner as an Executive Assistant/Property Manager. My boss’ wife noticed the jewelry I would wear (I wear all my jewelry that I make). One thing lead to another and she ended being my student. I was intrigued by Aussie Clay by then and she encouraged me to get my certification in Aussie Clay.

I have achieved Aussie Metal Clay Certification Level 1, currently working on achieving Level 2 then Level 3. I love Aussie clays. They are so easy to work with and so many options to choose from.

I continue to work full time and teach classes in my home on the weekends. In my classes, I provide students with a notebook filled with all the tips & tricks that I’ve learned over the years. I also include instructions as a guidance and class projects we work on in class.

I love jewelry and love seeing the ah ha moments students get. My Spoo (standard poodle-another passion of mine) assists me LOL! We like to make everyone feel comfortable, have fun and enjoy making jewelry. You can arrange a class or session by emailing me or calling as listed above.

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