Aussie Metal Clay (AMC) is the only Metal Clay handmade in NSW Australia, from the highest quality ingredients. Silver .999 & .960, Argentium, Coppers & Bronzes ~ the largest array of Metal Clays under one brand!

Aussie Metal Clay is a separate and independently owned entity/company than Aussie Metal Clay USA and Aussie Metal Clay Western Australia.  Each company has a separate owner.  Each company may have different products available (all metal clays are still made in Australia) and is solely responsible for their own products, sales, customers, etc.  Aussie Metal Clay and Aussie Metal clay western Australia are based out of Australia and Aussie Metal Clay USA is based out of the United States.  If you have any questions, please contact Roslyn Bailey (info@aussiemetalclay.com), who is the sole owner of Aussie Metal Clay in Australia or JoAnna  Phillips who is the sole owner of Aussie Metal Clay USA (JoAnna@AussieMetalClayUSA.com)

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