Where can you buy Aussie Metal Clay?

Aussie Metal Clay stands as a pioneer in the realm of metal clay for over a 15 years, spearheading innovation within the industry. Our track record boasts several groundbreaking achievements:

  • We proudly introduced the world’s first 960 sterling silver metal clay and powder.
  • Trailblazers in innovation, we were the first to unveil Origami clay, offering rehydration capabilities.
  • Setting a new standard, we pioneered the first hydrating solution Kim’sClaySpray™ for seamless clay rehydration.
  • Our revolutionary clay “glue” Kim’sClayStay™ eliminates the need for paste-making, seamlessly adhering to wet, dry, and fired clay.
  • We led the charge by bringing Brass Clay to the market, a testament to our commitment to diversity in metal clays.
  • As the sole provider of all silvers, bronzes, copper, and brass metal clays under one roof, we offer unparalleled convenience.
  • Proudly crafted in Australia, Aussie Metal Clays are the embodiment of quality and authenticity.
  • Each pack is meticulously handmade, ensuring consistent results with every use.
  • Sourced from the finest metals available, our clays guarantee premium quality and performance.
  • Our freshly made clay, tailored to order, offers effortless rehydration for your convenience.
  • With one of the longest working times in the market, our clay allows for intricate detailing and precision.
  • Enjoy a smooth and pristine texture with every application.
  • Embracing sustainability, our silver metal clay is derived from recycled materials.

Aussie Metal Clays: Where innovation meets excellence, ensuring your artistic journey is as seamless as our products.

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