AMC .960 Silver with Argentium Ready to Use Powder w/Kim’s Hydrate For Argentium


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Read about the AMC .960 SIlver with Argentium Clay

****You can NOT use any water, whether tap or distilled with Argentium Silver Clay.  The ONLY fluid that can be used with the Argentium Clay is the Argentium Hydrate which has been specially formulated to work with it.

.960 Silver with Argentium Kit: When you receive your package you will open it to find a package of .960 Silver with Argentium powder and special binder and a tube of Kim’s Hydrate for Argentium – these items will need to be mixed together to create your Aussie Metal Clay .960 Silver with Argentium.

Mix your liquid with only the amount of clay powder that you will use in that day. If you have any left over, roll the clay out as thin as you can get it and let completely dry. You can use at a later time by rehydrating.

*Do test strips to determine the appropriate temperature for your kiln*
Stage 1 burnoff
Wire rack
Ramp speed 4 /830c /1526f
Temp 600c /
Time 20min/45min depends on size and thickness
Stage 2 Firing
Fire in Premium activated coconut carbon
Ramp speed 5 or 995c
Temp 900c/1652f to 910/1670f
Time 2hours for most design
Bending 3 hours
But once you get a Resistance You will need to anneal it after about 3 small bends
My suggestion is get used to working with the clay understanding the sintering temperature then once you’re comfortable and you’ve done a few firings then you can try the bending techniques with 4 cards and up but don’t forget you must anneal between your bends.

Weight 120 g
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12.5 Gram Starter Pack, 25 Grams, 50 Grams

Firing Options

1 Stage Fire, 2 Stage Fire