AMC Metal Blackener

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AMC Metal Blackener – available in 2 sizes – 15ml or 3ml Brush

Safety: Standard safety precautions for use required – Gloves, glasses, adequate ventilation.  Do not consume, keep away from pets and children.

The AMC Metal Blackener is not a concentrate and can be used straight out of the bottle and is reusable.  Do not put used product back in the original bottle.  Keep separate and use for same metal type.  You will heat your design in hot water as your design needs to be hot.  Put your AMC Metal Blackener in a small, microwave safe container (a dedicated container that you will use specifically for this process), for approximately 20 seconds.  As microwaves are different, based on wattage, more or less time will be needed.  Do not let the liquid get to a boil in the microwave.  Important to note, you will get that “rotten egg” smell.  No need to be alarmed ?

• Shake the container before use.
• Keep lid on when not in use.
• Store in dry dark area.
• Lid is child proof

Pour AMC Metal Blackener into a plastic container. Heat both design to be blackened and your AMC Metal Blackener separately. Once both are heated add your metal design to the container of AMC Metal Blackener to gain your desired look on your design. Wash to remove excess AMC Metal Blackener from your design. Cover remaining AMC Metal Blackener for use next time.

No pre-heat Option: Paint on your design let dry and flash torch the design


15ml Pen, 5ml Brush, 3ml Brush

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