.960 Silver Argentium SuperFlex Pen, Flex Rejuvenator Liquid – 10ml Pen Style Applicator


.960 Silver Argentium SuperFlex (Flex Rejuvenator) Pen is a non-toxic creation unique to Aussie Metal Clay.

For use with .960 Silver Argentium Clay ONLY

.960 Silver Argentium SuperFlex pen consists of a concentrated formula which contains enough Liquid to mix into (BONUS!) 8+ x 50gram packets of Aussie Metal Clay clay. The SuperFlex liquid is the component restores flex in your clays.


Shake well before use.  Keep lid on when not in use.

To rejuvenate the flex in your clay, add 1 drops of SuperFlex liquid per 10 grams of dried lump clay. Condition SuperFlex throughout your clay.  You can use your clay right away.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets

Weight 50 g