Aussie .960 Silver Ultimate Premium LUMP clay ready to use


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Aussie Metal Clay – .960 Silver Premium Superflex Lump/Clay

Made in Australia – created and produced by Ros Bailey

Aussie .960 Silver will come in Lump/Clay form – ready to use

Buying 25g Silver = approx. 27g lump clay
Buying 50g Silver = approx. 54g lump clay

Shrinkage – Approx. 10-12%

Testing: We recommend that you do a test on each of the clays to make sure that the temperatures are right for your kiln, as each and every Kiln tends to run to their own specific temperature & this will need to be checked before you put a lot of work into a piece.


Weight 100 g
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25 Grams, 50 Grams