Aussie .960 Silver Ultimate Origami LUMP clay ready to use


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Aussie Metal Clay – .960 Silver Premium Lump/Clay

Made in Australia – created and produced by Ros Bailey

Aussie .960 Silver will come in Lump/Clay form – ready to use

Buying 25g Silver = approx. 27g lump clay
Buying 50g Silver = approx. 54g lump clay

Shrinkage – Approx. 10-12%

Testing: We recommend that you do a test on each of the clays to make sure that the temperatures are right for your kiln, as each and every Kiln tends to run to their own specific temperature & this will need to be checked before you put a lot of work into a piece.

Aussie Metal Clay –Origami Flex Clay is the first of its kind in lump form enabling you to roll out to the size you desire to work with. And has perfect rehydration every time enabling you to use the clay over again! As the name states my new ORIGAMI FLEX clay formula is brilliant for creating very thin sheets that you can fold into Origami designs, cutting out on the cutting machines and using in punches and still great for texturing and moulding. The clay is very strong as a thin sheet yet still maintains all the benefits you have come to love about Aussie Metal Clays. IF you are looking at a new direction for your designs then I challenge you to give the new ORIGAMI FLEX Clay a go!

Aussie Metal Clay Sculpting Clay – My new sculpting clay formula has just enough flex to allow you to sculpt easier. Along with all the other benefits you have come to know from Aussie Clays, if you enjoy sculpting & designing/etching on the cutting machines I’m sure you will enjoy trying this new Sculpting Clay. And many more benefits to explore!

Weight 100 g
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25 Grams, 50 Grams

Clay Type

Standard – NO FLEX PEN, with SuperFlex Pen