Aussie Premium Bronze Clay Multi Pack of 6 Colours 50g ~ 300g


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Aussie Metal Clay TM ~ PREMIUM Multi Pack for Medium Fire Clays ~ 6 Colours


Made from Australian Base Metals our Aussie Metal Clay TM ~ Aussie Desert Sun, Aussie Ruby Bronze, Aussie Gold Bronze, Aussie Antarctic Sand & Aussie Silver Bronze are all stunning colours once fired and polished. A high polish is achievable with this metal clay. Suitable for all jewelry items Aussie Metal Clay TM ~ Aussie Antarctic Sand must be fired according to the schedule set for it

Colour description: Ranges from a copper colour to gold to a white silver across the range of colours

Multi Pack consists of 50g each:
– Aussie Silver Bronze
– Aussie Antarctic Sand
– Aussie Desert Sun
– Aussie Gold Bronze
– Aussie Ironbark
– Aussie Ruby Bronze

Firing Compatibility: All 6 colours can be fired at the same time or even in the one piece/object

Weight 450 g
Powder Type

Standard – NO FLEX PEN, with SuperFlex Pen