Bezel Oval Serated

Bezel Oval Serated

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Fine Silver – Bezel cups are settings that are designed to hold flat backed stones in place. These can be soldered in place or embedded in fine silver and sterling metal clays and fired in place.

Use these bezel cups to hold any round cabochon, flat bottom stone or element that will fit in the cup. Set stones after firing or fill the bezel cup with resins, polymer clay or other non-fireable embellishments. Use a bezel pusher to press the bezel walls against the stone to hold it in place. Burnish with a curved agate or metal burnisher after setting to smooth.  Final step is to polish your whole piece.

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Weight 45 g
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Fine Silver

Bezel Oval Serated Size

10mm x 8mm, 12mm x 10mm, 14mm x 10mm, 6mm x 4mm, 8mm x 6mm

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