Complete Video Tutorial – Hollow Forms – Step By Step Hollow Form Pendant – Beginner to Advanced – Kim Booklass


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A new world of Metal Clay has just opened up to all Metal Clay artists. It the world of Ultimate Premium Clay innovated/designed by Kim Booklass & all hand made by Roslyn Bailey, & sold by Aussie Metal Clays.

In this Video Tutorial Kim Booklass shows us how to use the New Aussie Ultimate Premium Clays to create a Hollow Form Pendant.

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In this tutorial, Kim will teach you

  • how to Create your own Hollow Form Pendant step by Step.
  • how to Use the New Aussie Ultimate Premium Clays
  • how to create your own bails
  • how to set a CZ
  • how to create same size embellishments

The tutorial is filled with hints and tips of the best ways to do each step along the way. Kim has designed this amazing new Ultimate Premium Clays and is showing you the first of many projects you can create on your own! Its a step by set tutorial and Im sure you will love it!

The Ultimate Premium clays have combined the qualities of the Premium clays with the sculpting qualities of the Sculpting clay. These new Ultimate Premium clays can Co-fire with Premium Origami in the same color. You can use the Ultimate Premium clay to do everything that you could previously do with the Premium clays and Sculpting clays individually – cutting with scissors, punches, dies, cutting machines, and anything else you think you can use to cut with. Its flexible enough to use in low relief molds, roll around ring mandrels in dry state, still holding its structure integrity & textures.

Testing: We recommend that you do a test strips on each of the clays to make sure that the temperatures are right for your kiln, as each and every Kiln tends to run to their own specific temperature & this will need to be checked before you put a lot of work into a piece.

All firings of base metal need to be done in a high quality activated Coconut carbon in either a stainless steel pan or a ceramic bisque container. Your kiln schedule will be provided with your clay.

You may NOT resell, modify, share or claim any part of this video or this digital download file as your own work.
Please give credit to the author of this tutorial when using these techniques.