Complete Video Tutorial – Origami Ribbon Roses – Introducing Aussie Origami Flex Clays – Beginner to Advanced – Kim Booklass

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****It is recommended you have Chrome as your internet browser to download these files. A new world of Metal Clay has just opened up to all Metal Clay artists. It the world of Origami Flex Clay innovated/designed by Kim Booklass & all hand made by Roslyn Bailey, & sold by Aussie Metal Clays.

Origami Flex Lump clay allows the artist to design their creation in a way that hasn’t been delved into or explored before and its extremely exciting! So open your imagination far and wide and join me in being able to create many new and varied things as you can now make with Aussies Origami Flex Clays!

It’s the World’s First Origami Lump Clay and it’s now Available! Innovated by Kim Booklass & exclusively hand made by Roslyn Bailey and sold by Aussie Metal Clays.Available in .999 Fine Silver, .960 Sterling Silver (both Shelf Fired), & Base Metals – Copper, Snow White Copper, and Bronze colours.

Aussie’s Origami Flex allows you the flexibility to create and design in whatever size and shape you choose and the ability to be able to rehydrate in conjunction with Kim’s Clay Stay and SSuperFlex Pen allowing you to use every gram in your pack.

In this Video Tutorial Kim Booklass shows us how to use the New Aussie Origami Clays to create Origami Ribbon Roses.

In this tutorial, Kim will teach you

  • how to Use the new Origami Cutter Blades & Mats.
  • how to Use the New Aussie Origami Clays
  • how to Create your very own Origami Ribbon Roses

The tutorial is filled with hints and tips of the best ways to do each step along the way. Kim has designed this amazing new Origami Flex Clay and is showing you the first of many projects you can create on your own! Its a step by set tutorial and Im sure you will love it!

You may NOT resell, modify, share or claim any part of this video or this digital download file as your own work.
Please give credit to the author of this tutorial when using these techniques.

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