Kim’s ClayStay Syringe Kit, a Metal Clay Glue – 10ml Syringe Applicator

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Kim’s ClayStay – New Formula
Kim’s ClayStay is metal clay glue used to glue together two pieces of clay. It is should not be used as clay filler.

• Shake the ClayStay before use.
• Keep lid on when not in use.
• Wipe tip after use, or when changing type of clay.

• Lid is child proof

Forming Bonds:
Do not over-saturate clay. Clay pieces need to join flush. If they do not, add metal clay to fill gap.
• Unfired to Unfired: Fit tightly, add clay
• Unfired to Fired: ClayStay plus fresh metal clay.
• Fired to Fired: Roughen surfaces, ClayStay plus fresh metal clay.

Cutting machines, carving, sculpting: Apply thin coat and let dry.

Full Instructional Videos on Aussie Metal Clay YouTube Channel

Note: Kim’s ClayStay is a METAL CLAY GLUE only not a gap filler.

Weight 48 g
Claystay Syringe Options

With Tips, Without Tips

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