Paper Textures – Flower 2

Paper Textures – Flower 2

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These are paper textures and can be used with metal clay or with a rolling machine (for sheet metal).  With Metal Clay, I am at 15 uses and still going strong.  For sheet metal in a rolling mill, because you are compressing the patterns with high force you will yield a LOT less usage compared to metal clay.

These laser cut paper textures are great for metal clay.  These are not like your typical rubber texture mats and will take a little getting used to.  Once you get the hang of it, you will love them!


Written directions below video



Do NOT use a release agent that has essential oils in it.  Do NOT use olive oil.  My recommendation is to use the Aussie Lube as that is what I use and have had success.

Preparation: The goal is to make an oil paper before rolling your clay.  You will only have to do this once.

  1. With an emery board or a course sanding sponge, sand the back of the paper texture to decompress the paper and open up the pores. You are just removing the smooth part of the paper.
  2. Either spray your release agent (2 or 3 squirts) and spread the oil around with your fingers or use your oil brush to brush the oil on to the back of the paper texture. Let it soak in to the paper for 10 minutes.
  3. Repeat step 2 and let sit for 20 minutes.
  4. Once it is soaked in, you will be able to see the pattern lightly showing through the back. This is how you know that you are almost ready.  Should you have any extra oil remaining on the back, you can just wipe it off.
  5. Flip the paper texture over to the pattern side.
  6. Apply release agent directly on the texture (you do not need as much as you used for the back).
  7. Roll your clay out to a minimum of 4 cards thick.
  8. Place your clay on top of the texture. Roll to 3 cards thick.  Start in the middle and roll forward, go back to the middle and roll backwards.
  9. Flip your texture back over so the clay is now on the bottom. Very carefully and slowly “peel” the card off of the texture and place on to non stick surface.
  10. Use a small cutter or Aussie Metal Clays “THE Ultimate needle tool” to cut out your desired shape.
  11. Carefully refine the edges of your piece using a baby wipe or sanding pads.  Be sure there are no sharp bits.
  12. Dry your piece again –
    remember baby wipes add moisture back into the clay.
  13. Each time you use the texture, you just need to oil the front.
  14. Store in a plastic bag.
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