Video Tutorial – Bracelet – Everything you need to know about the Aussie SuperFlex Clays by Kim Booklass

AU $35.00

****It is recommended you have Chrome as your internet browser to download these files.  Including everything you need to know about the SuperFlex Clays

Kim Booklass has given us a complete step-by-step video tutorial in making this bracelet. In the just under 2 hour long video you will cover the following 21 Chapters:

1. Introduction
2. Tool List
3. Mixing Clay
4. Rolling A Sheet
5. Drying Sheet
6. Waking-up Flex
7. Creating Flourish
8. Completing Flourish
9. Creating Bracelet
10. Shaping & Decorating
11. Bracelet Clean-up
12. Drying & Shaping
13. Drying Positions
14.Supporting In Kiln
15. Kiln Burnoff
16. Kiln Firing
17. Just Out Of Kiln
18. Magnetic Tumbler
19. Polishing – Bob
20. Polishing – Bristle Disc
21. Completed Piece

Each of these chapters contains the step by step directions for each section. You will have access to Kim’s hints and tips as she shows you each process. Im sure you will be able to use all of this inspiring information in your future artistic creations. Be sure to look out for the new videos that will be coming soon… Sculpting Made Easy & Designing A Piece In Multiple Colours Fired Together. The video is stored in secure Cloud hosting and obtainable by password only

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