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Ana Maria T

Great clays. Very versatile and great choice for all requirements and purposes.
Beautiful to work with, nice consistency, good working time without drying, takes textures beautifully, carves well, good colours and much more. You have to try them to see how good they are.

Sharon R. Schaefer

Loving Aussie Gold Sculpting clay. I can really carve & sand my designs with this clay. Fires beautiful. Takes patina so well. Love ‼️

Bonnie Toney

I really enjoy working with Aussie Metal Clay. I’ve used several colours of bronze in Premium and Superflex, and they’re a pleasure to work with. I very much appreciate the ability to mix my own from powder; the fresh clay is absolutely amazing to work with. The flexibility and workability are unmatched in my experience.

Donna Cicotte

…this clay, for me, is a dream to work with. Not only does it smell great (!), but it’s super forgiving, allowing me to make as many mistakes as I do, but still be able to start over and/or repair as I go. I don’t feel like it’s fragile or like I have to hurry or that I have to be perfect. I find Aussie Metal Clays to be more stable and more flexible in the greenware stage, which means cleanup before firing is a dream. And once fired, the results are spectacular. I love this clay and won’t use anything else

As soon as I received my first packet of Gold Bronze from Aussie Metal Clay, I was impressed by the simplicity of the mixing procedure and the fact that there was minimal delay between mixing and starting to work with the clay. The clay has a completely different texture to any other base metal clays I have used as there is no grainy feel – instead it has a very smooth, silky feel when working with it. I followed the instructions to carry out test firings and very soon found the correct temperatures for my kiln with support from Kim Booklass and Ros Bailey via their Facebook pages and 1 on 1 Skype sessions. This support was very surprising as with other manufacturers that I had emailed, the responses were delayed and not specific to my issues.
Jude Goswell
So far I have only worked with Aussie silver clay and I loved it, quite smooth and easy to work with, it takes texture very well and the firing is without complication. Apart from this, I regularly use Kim's ClayStay and this is really amazing when it comes to attaching pieces together or repairing broken pieces after firing, couldn't do without it any more! 🙂
Celine Gaspard
I absolutely love Aussie clays! My favorite and my “go to” clay is the superflex gold bronze. I love how flexible it is, how well it takes textures, carving and for use with the curio (etching and cutting). It polished up so easily and is such a great match with 14k gold filled accents and chains.
Katie Nyborg
I love all of the Aussie Metal clays! You want to sculpt? Origami? Mix clay colors & fire together? They have something for everyone. The flex clays are my favorites. They are strong, allow a long window to work with them and refinement is a breeze.
Holly Cromwell
I tried Aussie Clay because I was interested in Superflex and I love it. The clay is strong, can be rehydrated very easy and takes texture extremly well. The fired silver is very bright and smooth. Aussie Silver Clay is simply the best!
Andrea Haffner
I have tried MANY metal clays. Aussie Metal Clay is by far the easiest to work with, table time is amazing and does not dry out quickly like most. Amazing to rehydrate, takes textures very well and all around the best clay I have used.
JoAnna Phillips
Being an (another brand of metal clay) artist for 10 years and instructor for 2 years I found that some of my students wanted to try other metal clays being bronze and copper their choice. I have experienced various manufacturers but the one which I have better results was the Aussie Metal Clays. I have worked with all bronzes and copper from this manufacturer with great results. The clay is very easy to mix with distilled water and I use badger balm as a release agent. The clay is very smooth, extremely easy to roll, cut, mould and texture. The working time before drying is longer, than other clays, before it starts to dry. I can roll this clay at 2 and 3 cards thick and have great results. I can make very delicate pieces and I can mould larger, thicker pieces to sculpt and to carve with great results. The firing schedules are easy to follow and like most base metals the use of a good carbon is necessary. The Aussie Metal Clays manufacturer has been very helpful in giving me advice to work out the right temperature of my kiln and since then I have had great results.
Ana Townsend
Aussie Metal Clays are the best I have worked with. Before discovering Aussie Metal Clays I had experienced a high failure rate with base metal clays, with insufficient support to resolve issues. Aussie Metal Clays are a pleasure to work with, soft and smooth, with a long working time and not sticky. They take texture excellently and shape smoothly and uniformly over drying forms. The flexible clays are brilliant as they can be formed after drying and are flexible enough to be used in cutting machines (Silhouette, Cricut etc), cut with paper cutters and formed into rings. The firing schedule is easy to follow and works! Once out of the kiln the metal shines up very easily, to an incredible shine.
Emma Clifford
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