Welcome to the Aussie Metal Clay Learning Centre!

New Video Series
Beginners Guide to Metal Clay

Video 1- Beginners Guide – Tools

Kim discusses what tools you will need to get started using Metal Clay

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Video 2- Beginners Guide – Drying Your Clay

Kim discusses and previews the options you have for drying your clay.

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Video 4- Beginners Guide – Containers and Carbon for your kiln

Kim discusses different container options and firing tools she uses for her Metal Clay

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Aussie Metal Clay Videos

Kim shows you, step by step, how to use Aussie’s new gold foil.  She starts from the beginning with all of the tools, how to apply and how to finish.

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Updated video on how to use Aussie Metal Clay Claystay. The metal clay “glue” which was the first of its kind on the market.

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Kim shows you how to use Aussie Metal Clays Torch and Fire .999 silver metal clay from start to finish with many helpful tips along the way.

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A new world of Metal Clay has just opened up to all Metal Clay artists. Proudly, we introduce to you, Origami Flex Lump Clay. This clay is the world’s first Origami Lump Clay and it’s now Available in .999 Fine Silver, .960 Sterling Silver, & Base Metals.

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In this video, Kim use her amazing product, Kim’s Claystay, the worlds first clay “glue,” that does not need to be made in to a paste.  Claystay works on wet clay, dry clay and fired clay.

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Thank you to our International Artists

  • Australia: Kim Booklass, Julie Primmer, Lara Le Reveur, Sharon Reynolds
  • Canada: Rodi Frunze, Vanessa Stevenson Marshall
  • France: Armelle Burbaud
  • Mexico: Tania Marzuca Rivero
  • United Kingdom: Fiona Ingram, Jude Goswell, Julie Hurst, Pat Wilson
  • USA: Constance Beck, Kathy Klein. Kim Rumberger

An expedited look at how this heart overlay necklace was made on the Cricut cutting machine.

Tutorial(s) available in their entirety  Cricut 1 Tutorial and the Cricut 2 Tutorial.  

Aussie Metal Clay teacher, Martha Schmidt, shows you how to make this beautiful pendant out of Aussie Copper Clay.

Become a certified Aussie Metal Clay teacher, please click here

Why buy those expensive silicone mold mixtures when you make your own?

In this video, Kim shows you how to mix up your mold making compound.  Kim also shows you how to prepare your piece and ou how to make the mold.

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